Connecting To A Clean Future

Pristine Earth


Plastic is one of the single greatest threats to the health of our natural world and this is precisely why the Pristine Earth Collective was formed. Our sole mission is zero plastic going into South African landfills and oceans by 2025.

We are a non-profit aggregator, connector and catalyst for the New Plastics Economy.

The New Plastics Economy refers to the creation of a circular economy whereby recycling of plastics is increased to 100% (from its current 20%), and at the same time fostering the growth of the plastics alternatives industry, such as biodegradable bioplastics (plant-based) and plastic alternatives (cardboard, glass, etc).
We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO Reference No. 930069124).

Old Linear Economy

New Plastics Economy

Here's how we'll achieve our objectives


We will apply continuous pressure on government and business until all single-use plastics are banned. Thereafter, we will work to reduce plastic production and consumption in all areas of the throwaway economy.

Funding & Acceleration

The Collective is a channel for providing funding and support to players in the New Plastics Economy. Our funders range from surfers to philanthropists, concerned moms to endowments, banks to sustainable brands, crowdfunds to institutional impact investors.