Connecting To A Clean Future

Pristine Earth


Plastic is one of the single greatest threats to the health of our natural world and this is precisely why the Pristine Earth Collective was formed. By working with stakeholders upstream our mission is to ensure zero plastic going into South African oceans and landfills by 2025.

We are a non-profit aggregator and connector for solutions to ocean plastics.

As the world awakens to the fact that we cannot recycle our way out of this mess, we are here to promote complimentary innovations around intercepting plastic waste before it enters our seas and re-conceive inventive ways to reuse and upcycle all plastic waste that comes out of our environment. The solutions are out there and we’re on a mission to find and support them. We recognise the need for a diverse approach to ushering in a sustainable circular economy. Pristine Earth Collective is a registered South African Public Benefit Organisation (PBO Reference No. 930069124).

How many bags of waste have we removed from the environment?

From Sea Point's litter nets and beaches
Cleaned from Constantia by Pristine Pathways
Cleaned from Gugulethu by our Youth Program, Pristine Pathways and our SEF project
Cleaned from Mannenberg by our SEF project
Cleaned from Nyanga by our SEF project

Old Linear Economy

New Plastics Economy

Here's how we'll achieve our objectives


Through collaborations, we will apply continuous pressure on government and business until all single-use plastics are banned. Thereafter, we will work to reduce plastic production and consumption in all areas of the throwaway economy.

Funding & Acceleration

The Collective is a channel providing support to a variety of role players working on plastic pollution solutions. Our methods will include connecting solutionists to resources and networks, collaborations between government and private organisations, aiding in the implementation and funding of impactful projects into the local environment. We do whatever we can to speed up the progress of real-world solutions.