Introducing CRDC (The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration), who are bringing an innovative new process for turning plastic waste into Resin8 – a lightweight aggregate for use in concrete manufacture – to our shores. This amazing technology has been launched in South Africa at a Pilot plant in Cape Town by the global CEO, and founder of Pristine Earth Collective, Brett Jordaan. This ground-breaking innovation can not only make use of plastic pollution (including dirty and non-recyclable plastics collected from the environment) with an inert final product (thus keeping it out of the environment for good) but Resin8 actually improves the structural, thermal and environmental properties of the concrete products produced. Furthermore, it is addressing another environmental issue: the deficit of building sand, which is often unsustainably mined.

Pristine Earth Collective are looking forward to collaborating with CRDC South Africa to sustainably ‘dispose of’ plastic collected in our various clean-up efforts, and removed from our rivers by The Litterboom Project.

Have a look at this profile on CRDC by News24, and read this article about how nurdles collected off of Cape Town’s coast will be used to make Resin8.