The Gugulethu Environmental champions gathered again on 6 September to clean up an illegal dumping hotspot beside a main road. This group of inspiring volunteers organizes a clean-up around the end of each month. Since one couldn’t be organized the previous weekend, this clean-up was for the end of August. Although a thorough clean-up took place at this location in September 2020 for World Clean-up Day, a significant pile of waste had built up again. This is why PEC is always seeking ways to prevent illegal dumping.

It is encouraging to hear that a greater clean-up campaign has been running in Gugulethu, possibly partly inspired by the efforts of this group of dedicated youths.

Over just 1 hour 20 volunteers removed 50 bags of rubbish and the area was cleared of waste, aside from the impossible building rubble. Afterwards, the youths enjoyed a delicious lunch at Gogo’s kitchen, sponsored by PEC, for their efforts.