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Organisation Location Name Contact Contact Number Potential Funder? Contacted about funding? Focus Alternative Contacts
Sea Change Project CPT Jannes Landschoff info@seachangeproject.com, jannes@landschoff.net no Ocean Conservstion through stories Jannes Landschoff: jannes@landschoff.net
Help Up Today CPT Georgia McTaggert georgia@helpuptoday.co.za; georgia@datafy.co.za 062 783 8229 no River clean ups
Sea The Bigger Picture CPT Chris Krauss chris@seathebiggerpicture.org 082 570 3169 no Beach Clean Ups Tash Krauss: tash@seathebiggerpicture.org; Ian Hurst (082 898 5006): ian@livefreehike.co.za; Ange Stanford (084 515 2729): ange@seathebiggerpicture.org
Two Oceans Aquarium CPT Hayley McLellan Hayley.McLellan@aquarium.co.za 021 814 4532 no Climate change in Africa
South African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI) CPT info@safcei.org.za maybe Climate justice
Fossil Free South Africa National https://gofossilfree.org/contact-us/ no Climate change
Shop Zero CPT Janneke info@shopzero.co.za no Zero plastic store (retail)
Ocean Pledge CPT Diony info@oceanpledge.org no Ocean Plastic Diony: diony@mesh.co.za
Warrior Youth (Trash Mob) CPT wearewarrioryouth@gmail.com no Plastic Waste Activism
Surf 4 Trash CPT Fabian Fabian infosurf4trash@gmail.com no Beach Clean Ups
Litter Boom Project DBN Cameron Service cam@thelitterboomproject.com no Beach & River Clean Ups
Clean C CPT Greg Player greg@cleanc.co.za no Ocean Plastics Solutions
Million waves Project INT https://www.millionwavesproject.com no Plastic to Prosthetics
Think Beyond Plastic USA and Bulgaria accelerate@thinkbeyondplastic.com maybe Innovation Incubator
New Plastics Economy INT www.newplasticseconomy.org maybe Plastics Circular Economies
Two Oceans Aquarium CPT Hayley McLellan Hayley.McLellan@aquarium.co.za no Ocean Conservation
Red Cup Village CPT Luvuyo Ndiki luvuyo@redcup-village.com no Bioplastic cups made in SA sales@redcup-village.com
Really Great Material Co CPT Andrew Pollock andrewpol@rgmc.co.za no Biodegradable Bags & Packaging Alt email: ajwpollock@gmail.com
City of Cape Town CPT Andrew.McDonald@capetown.gov.za no Principal Professional Officer: Catchment and Stormwater Management
Beach Co Op CPT Maria Honig thebeachcoop@gmail.com no Beach Clean Ups Maria Honig: mariathebeachcoop@gmail.com; Aaniyah Omardien: aaniyahthebeachcoop@gmail.com
Plastic Pollution Initiative CPT 27731006998 no Beach & River Clean Ups
Straw for a Cause National hello@strawsforacause.co.za no Alt. Straw Online Store
Prime Plus Packaging CPT Sonja Wray primepluspackaging@gmail.com, orders@primepluspackaging.co.za no no Cassava Based Bags
Oryx Polymers CPT Jaco du Plessis info@oryxpolymers.co.za 082 558 8555 no Plastics manufacturer
Friends of Zeekoivlei & Rondevlei CPT Sidney Jacobs sidneyfjacobs@gmail.com 081 354 3045 yes yes Zeekoivlei & Rondevlei Clean Ups Hans Stoecklin: kinyonga.projects@gmail.com; Ilse Menck:ilsemenck@telkomsa.net; Colleen mcDowell: colleenmcdowell72@gmail.com; Tom Schwerdtfeger (082 789 6482): tomschwerdtfeger1972@gmail.com
Wild Trust National Lauren van Nijkerk laurenvn@wildtrust.co.za no Environmental activism Hanno Langenhoven: HannoL@wildtrust.co.za; Louise Duys: LouiseD@wildtrust.co.za; Nomzamo Phungula: ZamoP@wildtrust.co.za; Ruth Mthembu: RuthM@wildtrust.co.za
City of Cape Town CPT Margot.Ladouce@capetown.gov.za no Manager: Disposal Solid Waste at City of Cape Town
Circular Vision National Sally-Anne Kasner info@circular-vision.com yes yes Circular System Design Specialist
Wavescape Festival National Shani Judes shani@shanijudes.co.za maybe yes Ocean Minded Film Festival
Cape Town National Joanna Wallace joannalace@outlook.com 063 769 2592 no Waste Benefication informal sector
Western Cape Government CPT eddie.hanekom@westerncape.gov.za no Director Waste Management
City of Cape Town CPT alison.davison@capetown.gov.za no Head: Waste Minimisation & Solid Waste Management Planning
NUDE FOODS CPT Paul Rubin Paul@nudefoods.co.za no Plastic Free Grocer
Green Evolution SA National Neil Bellew neil@greenevolution.co.za 082 8600 962 no Biodegradable Bags & Packaging
Lumec DBN Paul Jones paul@lumec.co.za no Connecting society, government and private sector through research. Joanne Parker: joanne@lumec.co.za
Thinked DBN Kruschen Govender kruschen@thinked.co.za no "Ecological design"
Proof of Impact yes Through Litterboom Funding channel
Plastic Pollution Solution Chavonne Snyman chavonne.snyman@gmail.com no Environmental activism
Zandevlei Booms CPT Mike Ryder mtjryder@gmail.com no Zandvlei river clean ups
SST PE Jade botha jade@sstafrica.org.za yes yes
WWF National Lorren de Kock ldekock@wwf.org.za yes yes Environmental Organisation Zaynab Sadan: zsadan@wwf.org.za; Justin Smith: jsmith@wwf.org.za
BirdLife SA National Alistair mcInnes alistair.mcinnes@birdlife.org.za ?? Environmental Organisation: Bird conservation Andrew de Blocq: andrew.deblocq@birdlife.org.za
GreenCape CPT Kirsten Barnes kirsten@greencape.co.za possible channel yes Bussiness and entrepreneur support in green economy tawanda@greencape.co.za; Taahirah@greencape.co.za; sam@greencape.co.za; saliem@green-cape.co.za ('072 855 4870)
Captain Plantastic CPT Gunnar Oberhösel oberhoesel@gmail.com no environmental consultant and activist
Actuality Africa Shannon Royden Turner SHANNON@acturban.com no Specialists/Retail: systems designer
ERM Clemence McNulty Clemence.McNulty@erm.com no Specialists/Retail
EnviroSense Suzanne Karcher envirosense@xsinet.co.za yes yes Specialists/Retail: circular economy consultant
Impact Ocean Investor/Writer Lynton Burger lynton@lyntonburger.com no yes Impact Ocean Investor/Writer
Circular Vision Sally-Anne Kasner info@circular-vision.com maybe yes Specialists/Retail
Lewis Pugh lewis@lewispugh.com no yes Activist
UCT Marine Biology Graduate CPT Sizakele Sibanda sizakelesibanda@gmail.com no Potential Ambasador
Carte Blanche National Carol Albertyn aldebaran@vodamail.co.za no Media
African Reclaimers Organization (ARO) JHB Luyanda no Informal waste pickers Contact: 0605337781
Pick n Pay National Roan Snyman roansnyman@pnp.co.za yes yes Corporate
Clicks National Karien Boolsen karien.boolsen@clicksgroup.co.za yes yes Corporate Tallia.Ficalbi-Hobbs@clicksgroup.co.za
Tiger Brands National Stiaan Wandrag stiaan.wandrag@tigerbrands.com yes yes Corporate
Distell National ERIC LEONG SON yes no be wary
Spar National yes no Corporate
Shoprite/Checkers National Lunga Schoeman / Sanjeev Raghubir lbschoeman@shoprite.co.za / sraghubir@shoprite.co.za yes no Corporate
Woolies National yes no Corporate
Adidas National yes yes Corporate
Elsieskraalriver civil group CPT Louise Badenhorst louise.charl@gmail.com 084 454 7548 no no Civil society organisation renew.elsieskraal@gmail.com; kate.chi@global.co.za
City of CT CPT Yonela Zipho Mngqibisa YonelaZipho.Mngqibisa@capetown.gov.za 021 400 3566 no no Solid Waste
Stellenbosch University CPT Mike Owen mikeowen@sun.ac.za 071 359 6654 no no Academic
Western Cape Gov CPT Catherine Bill catherine.bill@westerncape.gov.za 021 483 2760 no no DEA & development planning
Rotary CPT Biffy Danckwerts aecon.e@mweb.co.za 081 547 9489 yes yes Vice-President of Rotary E-Club of Greater Cape Town Stuart Minnaar: stuart.minnaar@gmail.com; Lianne du Toit , Malvern Chinaka ,
UCT- student CPT Michael Jones jnsmic027@myuct.co.za 082 856 1666 no no Sudent of prof Armitage
City of CT CPT Christa Liebenberg christa.liebenberg@capetown.gov.za 021 444 0500 no no urban management (subcouncil 17)
City of CT CPT Kyran Wright Kyran.Wright@capetown.gov.za 021 444 1485 no no Environment
UCT CPT Prof. Neil Armitage neil.armitage@uct.ac.za 021 650 2589 no no UCT’s Civil Engineering Dept
Branson Centre CPT Wesley Noble wesley@bransoncentre.co.za ?? no Corporate
Plastics SA CPT John Kieser John.Kieser@plasticssa.co.za possible but not keen no Plastics manufacturer
City of CT CPT Mandisi Sikolo Mandisi.Sikolo@capetown.gov.za no no Catchment, Stormwater & River Management
City of CT CPT Abdulla Parker Abdulla.Parker@capetown.gov.za no no Catchment, Stormwater & River Management
Roxy Davis Foundation CPT Roxy Davis roxy@roxydavisfoundation.org yes no civil citizen and activist.
Save our Seas Trust CPT Toshka Barnardo toshka@sstafrica.org.za ?? no
Blue World carbon CPT Joost van Lier joost.van.lier@blueworldcarbon.com no Climate Change mitigation
Ocean Hub CPT Alexis Grosskopf alexis@oceanhub.africa channel? no
Thinkd CPT Kruschen Govender kruschen@thinked.co.za no
Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa National Linda Campbell westerncape@iwmsa.co.za 021-534 9182 no no
Danone National Masi Mkhize masi.mkhize@danone.com yes no Corporate
Separation at Source Abri Albertyn abri@separationatsource.com 0795140117 no no
Rondebosch Golf Club CPT Ken Walker kwalker@oldmutual.com no no Gold Club
CPT Luyanda Hlatshwayo luyandahlatshwayo84@gmail.com,
Standard Bank National Dave Cumming Dave.Cumming@standardbank.co.za Maybe? Corporate
Adrian Kuttel akuttel@affirmed.co.za 0832934225 Exposure?
Private CPT Santie Gouws sgouws.28@gmail.com 0825661788 no no Blue Downs Clean Ups
City of CT CPT Dalton Gibs Dalton.gibbs@capetown.gov.za no no Regional Manager South, Nature Conservation; Good Contact for EPR
Western Cape Gov CPT Evodia Boonzaier Evodia.Boonzaier@westerncape.gov.za no no
Oasis recycling CPT Beraldine recycling@oasis.org.za no no Recycling company
Waste Plan CPT Bertie Lourens; JJ van Rooyen bertie@wasteplan.co.za; jj@wasteplan.co.za no no Recycling company
Cesvi International Samuele Silva samuelesilva@cesvioverseas.org possibly? no International relief organisation
Private CPT Santie Gouws sgouws.28@gmail.com no Clean-ups in Bluedowns, Waste to product Ursula van Eck
Notabag International Adnan Alicusic adnan@notabag.com yes yes Tote backpacks in Germany
Western Cape Government CPT John Edwards John.Edwards@westerncape.gov.za 021 483 5018 no Department of Human Settlements
CoCT Solid Waste FOr area Heads refer to maps sent by Andulla no no
WISA and A L Abbott & Associates (PTY) LTD (Water and water Waste) national Natasia van Binsbergen natasia@alabbott.co.za Tel: (021) 448 63 40/1 no no Water mangement and water Waste
WISA national Melissa Cousins admin@wisa.org.za 086 111 WISA (9472) / 011 805 3537 no no Water management
Department of Water and Sanitation JHB Lorato Ntlhaeng ntlhaengl@dwa.gov.za (012) 336 8559 no no IGR and Sector Collaboration
Friends of the Liesbeek CT Kari Cousins trash@fol.org.za 078 008 0464 no no Clean-ups
Communitree CT Nadine 082 557 9631 no no Clean-ups
Oceana Reddentes Nina Bothma oceanoreddentes@mail.com no no Clean-ups
Moss Group Rob van Hille rob@mossgroup.co.za no Bio Plastics
GEM – Going the Extra Mile National Camilo Ramada camilo@gemproject.org 084 683 1222 no Clean-ups
BVRIO - Platform International Pedro pedro.mouracosta@bvrio.org yes
Dale Glen Properties - M5 Business Park CT maintainence@daleglen.co.za yes not yet
Redefine - Black River Park CT brpservice@redefine.co.za yes not yet
Ocean Clean Up CT Frederik Gerner f.w.b.gerner@gmail.com
Wesgro Tim Harris Tim@wesgro.co.za

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