On February 27 we were joined by 32 like-minded city officials, civil citizens and organisations to map out a collaborative path forward towards addressing the plastic crisis in Cape Town and South Africa’s oceans. As the first of many events to come, we introduced the Litterboom Project to the Cape Town network with the hope of launching in the coming months.

Besides this, we polled attendees to determine local hotspots desperate for intervention. Key feedback was the need for increased awareness about the impact of plastic in our waterways from underserved areas; the need for support and innovation to help divert waste from landfill and the rivers and legislation such as EPR and the ban of plastic bags.

We were gratified by the attendance of the event by such a broad range of stakeholders and found great value in the opportunity to discuss the multi-faceted and pervasive issue of plastic pollution. We look forward to organizing many such collaborative events in the future, once gatherings are once again permitted.