When we arrived at the passage to be cleaned on Saturday 7 August, I doubted we could make a tangible difference on one morning. The amount of rubbish seemed overwhelming. But the Gugulethu community champions are not so easily discouraged. 36 youths got stuck in, removing as much rubbish as they could shift between the masses of building rubble.

The residents neighboring this dumping site came out to find out what was going on, and, encouraged by the willingness of these youths to tackle the rubbish, a Gogo joined in with the cleanup. Everyone toiled and worked together to make a noticeable difference to the layers of trash and building rubble. The number of disposable nappies dumped was certainly very noticeable but did not deter the volunteers.

After about an hour and a half, we removed about 60 bags of waste and, although we cannot remove the rubble, the passageway looked a lot cleaner. It was certainly less of a health hazard! The reward for all of this hard work was a hearty chicken & vegetable curry, proved by PEC and expertly cooked in Gogo’s Kitchen.