Pristine Pathways Sea Point

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Sea Point Litter Nets

A last line of defence to prevent post-consumer litter from entering our oceans

On 16 August 2022, with the assistance of the Shark Spotters, we installed litter nets on 8 strategic stormwater drains along the Sea Point coastline as identified by our own recognizance and through consultations with the City of Cape Town Coastal Management.

These nets will be cleaned and maintained by our team of 2 people four days a week. We are committing to the ongoing management of the litter nets and cleaning of beaches. These nets were dutifully made and installed by the legendary Shark Spotters from upcycled redundant anchovy nets.

Over the first 24 hours, the team retrieved 17 bags of waste from the beach and nets. Waste collected will be recycled as much as possible. Unrecyclable plastic will be sent to CRDC to be processed into building aggregate and the remainder will be processed by the City. We thank the City of Cape Town for their support.

How many bags of waste have we cleared from the nets and beaches thus far?
Bags of Waste Cleaned

A reciprocal employment model

Meet Phakamisa and Alakhe: Stewards of Sea Point's beaches

Our team are enthusiastic about keeping litter off of Sea Point's beaches. Not only will they be clearing and maintaining the nets, but they will also clean the beaches between the nets. This is vital since a great portion of waste on the beaches is actually washed up by storm surges or blown onto the beaches by the south-easter.

As part of our Pristine Pathways program, this project uses an inclusive employment model whereby the staff work to keep the beaches clean 4 days a week and the key reciprocity aspect is that they then clean in their own area (Gugulethu) one day of the week.

Next time you see Phakamisa and Alakhe working on the beaches, take a moment to say Hi!

This project does not only provide employment (80h/week) but also cleans up the environment in both Gugulethu and Sea Point.

Part of Pristine Pathways

This project is part of a greater program we are running called Pristine Pathways. The basis of pristine pathways is that more affluent suburbs fund cleaning in their areas four days a week and allow for reciprocity. The staff then clean in their own under-serviced communities one day a week.

The first Pristine Pathways project started in Constantia and Gugulethu and has been running successfully since November 2021.

We are grateful to our collaborators on Pristine Pathways Sea Point: City of Cape Town Coastal Management and the Shark Spotters. This project would also not be possible without our sponsors! However, we are still seeking further financial support from residents and businesses in Sea Point in the form of Monthly tithings. No amount is too small! From as little as R50pm from households and R500 pm from businesses, we can permanently keep Sea Point’s beaches clean.

As a registered NPO/PBO we can issue an S18a tax Certificate to offset at year-end.

How many bags of waste has this project cleaned from Gugulethu?
Bags of Waste Cleaned
With thanks to our collaborators on this project