Introducting Pristine Pathways

Creating a pristine environment by providing pathways to opportunity

Many suburbs face the challenges of both litter and crime, usually focussed on various hotspots. A measured and inclusive approach is necessary to address these issues.

We are proposing a solution using an inclusive employment model whereby staff clean and patrol a neighborhood to clear away litter and monitor any suspicious activity. We will employ trusted people from a nearby low-income area who will be highly visible and accountable. The key reciprocity aspect is that these employees then clean in their own area one day of the week.

Starting in Constantia

Constantia has always prided itself as a model suburb. Over the years we have seen threats to the environment and properties with litter and crime increasing.

The pilot project in the Constantia valley ran from November 2021 to January 2022. We employ trusted staff from nearby Gugulethu, based on our established relationship with the community.

The project does not only provide employment (80h/week) but also cleans up the environment in both Gugulethu and Constantia.

The 3 month pilot project was very successful and we have made the project permanent, although we are looking for further sponsorship.

On 16 August 2022 we expanded to the Seapoint beachfront and we plan to then look to Muizenberg beachfront.

Collaboration is essential to the success of Pristine Pathways

A project like this cannot succeed without the support of the local community and collaboration with community organizations.

For the Pristine Pathways Constantia, we at Pristine Earth Collective have orchestrated a collaboration between the Constantia Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association, Constantia Watch, Friends of the Constantia Valley Greenbelts, Seeff, Simon’s and the City of Cape Town, which will help to ensure the sustainability of the project.

We are seeking financial support from residents and businesses in Constantia and Seapoint in the form of Monthly tithings. No amount is too small! From as little as R50pm from households andR500pm from businesses, so Pristine Pathways can permanently keep these areas clean.

This project will bring increased property value and boost local tourism due to a cleaner neighborhood with increased security and as a registered NPO/PBO we can issue an S18a tax Certificate to offset at year-end.

The project provides high visibility and consistent reporting will ensure good coverage for brands looking for exposure to the local B2C/B2B market.

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors: