Who are Regenize?

Empowering and assisting informal waste pickers while encouraging recycling

Regenize is a local recycling company that aims to make recycling more accessible to South Africans and also encourages & rewards recycling with an innovative new virtual currency/ vouchers (Remali). They support and empower informal waste pickers and collect from households.

Their residential collection model is successfully working in some suburbs in Cape Town. Now they are expanding their operations to include some lower-income areas and establish recycling ‘Hubs’ in these areas which can serve as buy-back centres for informal waste pickers.

The Gugulethu Connection

Bring a bag of recycling, fill your belly with soup, help the soup kitchen survive. It just makes sense!

Gogo's Kitchen, in Gugulethu, are now helping to promote recycling and clean up the community, by encouraging the people visiting the soup kitchen to bring in bags of recyclables. This, in turn, is creating a much needed revenue for Gogo's, to help buy supplies to feed the most needy.
Through our work with the Seaboard CAN we established a connection with Gogo's kitchen, and we are gratified to facilitate this new parnership with Regenize, which not only supports the kitchen, but helps to get waste out of the environment as well.

We are helping to set up Hubs in Gugulethu, based on our connection with the community

We hope to expand the soup kitchen recycling hub model to many other soup kitchens in Gugulethu and other areas because it not only helps to feed the hungry but also helps to clean the environment! It can also increase the dignity of those in need, by giving them the means to offer an exchange for their meal.

Regenize is also establishing recycling ‘Hubs’ at various locations in Gugulethu, which will support a network of informal waste pickers, and provide employment. Once established in Gugs, they hope to expand to other low-income areas. And as the community can see the benefits of recycling, we all hope that environmental awareness increases as well.