an upstream approach

By fostering environmental stewardship in under-served communities we hope to prevent plastic from entering rivers and the ocean.

With the aim of changing mindsets around waste, the environment and conservation, we are bringing the message to the youth: the ones who can bring significant and lasting change. The goals are to raise awareness about pollution and help grow environmental champions, who can then be the changemakers in their families and within the wider community.

Community Enagagement

We work with the community, to identify where intervention is needed, and whom to engage.

It is important to work within community social structures, and alongside those already working to improve their neighbourhood. It all starts with tapping existing networks and engaging respected community members with a far reach through the neighbourhood.

Events to raise awareness and educate youths, as well as inspire their inner environmental champions.

Once keen youths are identified through community networks, we arrange for events that showcase not only the pollution issue but solutions to the problem, as well as outings to pristine natural environments to be enjoyed. By allowing them to appreciate nature, the value of protecting natural ecosystems becomes clear. Along the way, the youths get to learn about nature and conservation, as well as how they can prevent pollution in their own community. We thank the Green Jobs Department of the City of Cape Town for collaborating on some of our events.

We hope to encourage the youths to not only spread awareness and change habits within their community but to take action. We support their local clean-up initiatives by providing tools and hosting clean-up events/competitions. We aim to reward these efforts with sponsored prizes, as well as kudos on social media