This World CleanUp Day (and International Coastal cleanup day) we took the Gugulethu environmental champions to Hout Bay Beach to clean up and for a fun outing to the beach. We split into two groups, with the younger youths joining the Sentinel Ocean Alliance CleanUp on their side of the beach. Fishing line, bottles and lolipop sticks were the most common items found.

The older volunteers joined the cleanUp hosted by Ocean’s Alive on the Mariner’s wharf side of the beach. We cleaned loads of litter from the stormwater outlet and then along the beach as we made our way back to the Sentinel side. At a glance, the beach seemed quite clean, but when looking for litter, we found plenty to pick up, with fishing line being the most common item.

It was great to join two organisations working so hard to not only clean up our beaches, but also educate youths about the importance of conserving our oceans!

It was a beautiful spring day and after the cleanup the youths enjoyed this rare opportunity to spend time on the beach. First they had a picnic lunch supplied by PEC, rounded off with delicious doughnuts sponsored by Kispy Kreme SA. The doughnuts were a big hit with the youths! Transport is a major obstacle preventing youths from communities like Gugulethu from enjoying time on our beautiful beaches and these community champions revelled in the chance to splash in the waves and enjoy the sand and surf!