About Us

Our goal is to accelerate impactful solutions to the plastics crisis by working collaboratively upstream.

Through key partnerships, we help accelerate solution-based projects or organisations by connecting them with resources they need, from funding to implementation. We work our way upstream from beaches to townships, with a special focus on solutions that create value from plastic waste thus intercepting plastic before it enters our waterways and environment. With EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) becoming a reality in SA we are on the hunt to make this shift smooth and beneficial for not only the environment but brands and retailers too.

How It Works

Community Engagement

By working closely with communities worst affected by illegal dumping and poor service delivery, we aim to not only eradicate these issues but also create new plastics economies through the private and public sector.

Business Development & Funding

Connecting burgeoning business/projects to business development services on both a one-on-one basis, as well as through group accelerators and training programmes within our networks.

Project Implementation

Where necessary we aid in implementing out of town projects into local environments, such as the Cape Town Litterboom Project and Cape Town CRDC (Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration).


Impact Amplifier and Pristine Earth Collective raise grants, equity or debt-based funding on their behalf from a broad range of local and international investors.